Friday, January 19, 2007

Oasis tank on CSI:NY

Greetings All-

A few weeks ago I was approached by the CBS' show,
CSI:NY, asking if I would like to provide one of our
units for use in an upcoming episode.

We were to be paid absolutely nothing, we would
receive no credit at the end of the show, we would not
be told how the Oasis unit would be used or featured
in the show, we would not be allowed to see a copy of
the script, we would not be allowed to watch the
filming of the show, and we would not be offered a
part in the episode.....

how could I pass up a deal like this ?????

To TV or Not To TV, That Was The Question.....???????

Having not been a viewer of these shows, I was still a
bit familiar that they deal with crime scenes where
people have been killed, and are rather grisly, in that they show graphic
depictions of wounds,etc......

Being generally a believer of the idea that there is
no such thing as BAD PUBLICITY (I may be proved
horribly wrong here !!!), that this is a show that is
watched, according to The Los Angeles Times, by 10-16
million per week, that it is a JERRY BRUCKHEIMER
production, that it features an actor I like very
much, GARY SINISE (Lt. Dan of FORREST GUMP), that I
was/am curious to see what they will do w/ it, how
they will feature/creatively film it, and that this
was, hopefully, an opportunity, to bring first/more
awareness of float tanks to most of those folks, and
hopefully generate interest in tank sales and float
center rentals, I agreed to do this, and delivered an
Oasis unit to CBS Studio City, for their filming and

'I am ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille'.....????

We have been informed by the show liaison that the
Oasis unit will be shown in a positive light, and the
writer of the episode is a floater, who loves
floating. Also, the show liaison said that they had not seen the
'final cut' of the show yet, so she could not advise
how much, if any, of Oasis unit will be seen or how

I will be tuning in the night of the broadcast to see
how much of this ultimately proves true.

Viewing info:

The show is CSI:NY, a CBS show that will be broadcast 1/24/07.

Check your listings for time and station.

I believe the show will be available online @ innertube, once broadcast.

Thank you All for your interest and support...

David Wasserman

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Year, New Site!

I am having my website re-worked. There are now two websites: this blog, and the more official Be sure to bookmark both sites, and visit often for the latest Oasis news. As part of this process, we will be linking to the FLOAT CENTER
, so anyone who is interested in exploring floating can find a center near them.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome to Oasis Relaxation Systems

Floating is a relaxation technique that employs the principals of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). REST research has found that profoundly deep relaxation and improved thinking are achieved when outside stimuli are reduced.

If there ever was a place in which to relax, to set aside the cares of ordinary life and take pleasure in the extraordinary, this is it! Absolute quiet. Total (friendly) darkness. Soft. Warm. Serene. You float, buoyant and peacefully still, in a body-temperature silky liquid. This is privacy. This is you and the water. Period. Your mind is free. To explore, to pursue its own thoughts without distraction. To create. You restore your body and mind in the peaceful environment of The Oasis Relaxation System. You emerge renewed, deeply relaxed and refreshed.

For you, floating in an Oasis System may be one of the most pleasurable, relaxing and enriching experiences of your life. The warmth, comfort and ease of floating gravity free... the peace, quiet, and time for yourself ... the discoveries of deeper levels of self... the joy of functioning more effectively in your world... these pleasures are among the many mentioned.


In 1954, Dr. John C. Lilly, a pioneer in brain and behavioral research studies, began experimenting with the concept of restricting the amount of external sensory stimuli to the brain. When he built his first isolation environment, he was determined to prove that the brain, without environmental input, would simply go to sleep. Using his own being for experiments, he learned the opposite is true. By removing all visual, acoustical, tactile and temperature stimuli, Dr. Lilly found that the brain continues to function independently and at an even higher level than normal. According to Dr. Lilly, the greatest benefit of the floating experience is the profound state of relaxation found through a stimuli-free environment. Dr. Lilly found that gravitational force on the body coupled with noise, light, and temperature variance, etc., utilized approximately 90% of the neural activity in the brain. He states, "Once one's mind is freed from the physical environment by this technique, one has the whole range of the human mind available to one's imagination; one's thinking capacity is at a maximum One has available parts of the nervous system (cerebellum for example) that are normally not available for programming by self under ordinary circumstances. By means of the tank one is automatically given an expanded province of one's mind in one's brain."

In the floatation environment, the user has an excellent opportunity to explore his/her inner thought process in an environment where he/she is not distracted by external influences. All of the activity that occurs now is internally motivated. This method allows one to become free within a few minutes. Complex situations can be more readily resolved and put into order.

"I personally find the tank is an absolute necessity in order to recover during the day quickly and easily from overloads brought about by too much activity, too much exchange with other people. The floatation experience is a very refreshing one, a resting one. (Two hours in the Oasis Relaxation System is equivalent to eight hours of deeply restful sleep.) If one wants to push further, one can do so to the limits of one's imagination.

... in the province of the mind, there are no limits."

Dr. John C. Lilly


Developed by Dr. Lilly, the relaxation environment was first used for brain research and exploring altered states of consciousness. Subsequent research has found that short-term sensory reduction can result in incredibly profound states of relaxation, expanded healing, creativity enhancement, problem solving, meditation, accelerated learning, sports performance conditioning, and self awareness. Beyond these states, users may find a multitude of experiences available to themselves.

During and after floating, Oasis Relaxation Systems users report a tranquil, carefree, super-relaxed feeling, a light, happy exuberance, attended by deep calmness, and a sense of wholeness. Floating enhances recovery from illness and pain, and decreases muscle tension. It has been used to control compulsive behaviors such as smoking, drinking and overeating. By combining floating with the use of learning tapes, one creates an ideal environment for advanced learning.

The effects of total relaxation should not be overlooked. Most people never experience true relaxation. During a session, the body is completely suspended similar to zero gravity. Therefore, total muscle relaxation is possible. This promotes a sense of health and well-being that can remain for several days, at a minimum, and certainly long beyond.

We would like to point out that this is merely a thumbnail sketch of the wide number of benefits available. We would refer anyone wishing to know more to The Book of Floating by Michael Hutchison.

Oasis believes the benefits of floating in an Oasis System are greater than those achieved through other forms of relaxation. However, we don't pretend that floating is the only preventive health care method a person should use. Nutrition, exercise, and relaxation should all be woven into a person's lifestyle and needs. Floating should be an essential part of an individual's total fitness and health care program.

Design and Installation of Oasis Relaxation System:
The enclosed fiberglass tub measures 99" long and 56' wide and 45,' high on the outside. The inside dimensions are 90' by 48" by 41". The enclosed tub was designed for easy assembly and disassembly in case of relocation. It is a self-contained system that includes pump, filter, and heater. There is no additional electrical wiring or plumbing to perform. The supporting pump filter, and UV equipment can be placed either to the side of the Oasis System or placed behind. This would add from 6" to 36" to the overall length of the tank. The pump and heater connect to a 11OV/15 amp household outlet. Enclosed tub can be filled with a regular garden hose, attached to a showerhead or sink faucet

Special Design Features
Easy entering and exiting of tub. The door is set 22" from the ground at an angle, making it easier to step in and out. Door handles located both outside and inside are for the floater's convenience and safety.

Condensation control. Unlike most tubs on the market, the Oasis System has a large sloped roof that reduces water dripping resulting from condensation, by allowing the water to quietly roll down the roof and sides to water level.

Superior insulation. The double-layered roof and walls are sprayed with insulation which provides excellent sound, light, and temperature control. The tapering of the walls at water level increases the insulation factor and reduces the quantity of salt necessary for flotation. It also improves water circulation during filtering. The bottom floor is sprayed with foam and sealed to prevent temperature loss from cool floors and to create a sound barrier against nearby foot traffic noise and street noises.

The Oasis Relaxation System is warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase against all defects in materials and workmanship for the shell. All other components are warranted by their respective manufacturers.

Pump: centrifugal pump, 3/4 HP, 110 volts AC Filter: 50 CFT capacity Heater: solid state accurate to 0.10*F

Model Options
Oasis Audio: Features four internal factory mounted stereo sound transducers allowing yon to listen to music or learning tapes while floating.

Ultraviolet Purification System: Highly recommended. This system enables the most complete, efficient, and economical method of safe, non-chemical water purification. It greatly simplifies user maintenance and increases salt water longevity. Replacement UV bulbs are available for a nominal fee.

The Control System: Generally intended for commercial installations. This piece of equipment is a combination timing and audio tape unit that enables the user to precisely control floating length and call back features.

The Oasis Floating Digital Thermometer: This is a very accurate thermometer for measuring water temperature.

Oasis Operating Costs:
The Oasis System requires less electrical current than that needed to add a 150 WATT light bulb to a typical household. Clean-up can be done with a wet cloth. The Oasis System filters and purifies itself so there is no need to change the solution for up to a one to two year period. The outer surface may be waxed if desired with any fiberglass marine wax.


Oasis Audio Model
$ 6,495.00

Oasis UV [residential]
$ 650.00

Oasis UV [Commercial/*RECOMMENDED]
$ 1,000.00

Oasis Replacement UV Bulbs
$ 100.00

Oasis Replacement Filter Cartridge
$ 50.00

Oasis Digital Electric Timer
$ 75.00

Oasis Electronic pH Tester
$ 100.00

Oasis Digital Heater
$ 150.00

Oasis Floating Digital Thermometer
$ 50.00 [temporarily n/a in USA]

Crating fees depend on destination
Shipping costs depend on destination

Equipment features standard on all models:

Pump and filter ( skid mounted)
Solid state heater accurate to 0.1° F
Heavy duty vinyl liner
All necessary plumbing connections
Safety handles/doorstop
Illustrated assembly instructions
Color white unless otherwise indicated

Audio Model:
Features four internal factory mounted stereo sound transducers
Extra speakers $150/pair

Contact Information:

Oasis Relaxation Systems
P.O. Box 15669
San Diego,CA 92175
619 265 9391
619 265 8491 Fax

© 2005, 2006 Oasis Relaxation Systems - All Rights reserved